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Austrian demonstration (STROM Güssing)

“Strom” means “current” in German

Main purpose

The Demosite of Güssing is located in Eastern Austria. Güssing is part of the local energy community, the ÖkoEnergieland, which is formed by 19 municipalities. The ökoEnergieland pursues following objectives: energy efficiency increase, energy saving measures, regional resource procurement, expansion of renewable energy production plants and sustainable mobility.


Within the IElectrix project the following Use Case Scenarios will be implemented and tested in the region of Güssing:

  • Maximisation of the quantity of local consumption of RES generation thanks to Forecasting and scheduling of DER within the Integrated Local Energy System
  • Personalised, human-centric and contract-safeguarding participation in explicit demand response programs, on the basis of context-aware flexibility profiles
  • Improving the resilience of the local energy system, thanks to the distributed reactive power control of the local energy system
  • Community stakeholders interview - Austrian pilot

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) 1

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) 1

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) 2

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) 2

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