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German demonstration (moew.e)

Mobile Energy with E.DIS

Main purpose

In IElectrix, E.DIS is developing a concept in a European consortium and testing in a pilot project how mobile storage can be used for grid purposes.

Using mobile storage, grid point with a high share of renewable energies will postpone necessary grid reinforcements for a certain period. In this way, flexibility can be gained in expansion planning and costs can be saved by avoiding control measures (congestion management). Once the grid has been expanded, the storage facility will be moved to the next hotspot.

The research project solves current local challenges in the distribution grid and will in future contribute to solving European challenges as the expansion of renewable energies increases. The citizens in the regions benefit from the better use of renewable energies through fewer control processes and the establishment of local energy centers, which strengthens the local economy.

Key points & Challenges

  • High integration of RES lead to high energy costs for grid customers (high grid tariffs)
  • Innovation needed to make local communities participate from the energy transition.
  • Due to a lack of flexibility and storage in rural areas, however, only a small proportion of renewable energies can be used locally and lead to grid overloads in times of high generation from renewable energies.
  • The mobile storage system helps to close the gap between the planned grid reinforcement and the grid expansion.
  • During this time, further renewables can be connected to the grid, bottlenecks are reduced and the benefit for customers of locally generated energy from renewables increases.


  • Demonstration of the value of a mobile battery system in the European context
  • To develop a substation with mobile electricity storage and a standard EMS (energy management system) interface with the possibility of enabling the use of local flexibility from different non-regulated market actors which can provide an economically viable alternative to conventional grid reinforcement measures.
  • To demonstrate their operational capabilities at bringing the key functional benefits which enable a cost-effective system integration of additional renewables via mobile storages, whilst enabling the creation of Local Energy Communities around the integration of new renewable energy sources into the local system.
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  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

  • Friedland - location of the demonstration

    Friedland - location of the demonstration

Involved partners