Hungarian demonstration (HELGA)

Hungarian Energy Storage: Local Communities for Global Advantage

Main purpose


The Hungarian demonstration main purpose is to illustrate the operational capabilities and efficiency of the mobile battery energy storage system with an improved direct load control system.

Zánka is a holiday location near Lake Balaton with very high consumption overnight in the summer. The grid is therefore approaching the line limit due to the overnight peak load occurring in the summer season. In this area the grid requires a solution to reduce both the peak load and the voltage change.

Dúzs is a small settlement in the southern part of the Transdanubian region. In case of the pilot site, it is not possible for more solar power plant to connect to the medium voltage line (due to the voltage change rule stated in the Distribution Policy). Within the IElectrix project the goal of E.ON Hungary to contribute to the energy transition cost-efficiently by enabling for more PV plants to connect to the grid.



Within the IElectrix project the following use case scenarios will be implemented and tested in the demonstration sites:

  • Evaluation of business cases and benefits of integrating mobile battery systems into networks that would otherwise require reinforcement due to high peak load or PV connection request.
  • Evaluation of the possible flexibility within the network, the operation of the current DLC system and the implications on customer behaviors and the potential benefits of more sophisticated load control. 
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  • Dùzs demo site

    Dùzs demo site

  • Dùzs demo site

    Dùzs demo site

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