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IElectrix Project “SHAKTI”- Community Engagement Initiative


The engagement with stakeholders is an integral part of community engagement initiatives under the IElectrix Project’s pilot site “SHAKTI”. A webinar was organised with students of St Xavier School in Delhi, India, location of the Shakti demo. 

With an objective of successful implementation of the IElectrix project, as a community engagement initiative, it was envisaged to engage students, school authorities, and other relevant stakeholders to create the behavioural acceptability for IElectrix by educating them on the importance of this project and involve them for better implementation and execution. Stakeholders’ feedback also inform on strategic service design recommendations and business models.

In continuation to the engagement plan implementation designed by Tata Power-DDL and GECO Global, a second round of event was organised in the form of webinar on 8 September 2020 at St. Xavier School, Delhi, in which around 350 students of standard VIIIth to  Xth actively participated. Informative session was shared as per below details, followed by an interactive Q&A session where students clarified their queries related to electricity domain.  

1. The Technical Session was conducted by Ms. Aastha Prashar- Innovation, R&D and Collaborations at Tata Power-DDL. The topics shared with students include:

  • Introduction to electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • Impact of using conventional mode of generation on environment
  • Implementation of green technology to fight Global Warming and support energy conservation initiatives viz. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy and Importance BESS and Electric Vehicles
  • Brief about the IElectrix Project.

2. The Session on Electrical Safety, Energy Conservation and Enhancing Digital usage by utilising Tata Power-DDLs digital platforms was conducted by Ms. Pooja Kumra- Consumer Experience Management, Tata Power-DDL.

Students were thrilled to take part in this webinar, where they learned information in practical aspects related to electricity, part of which were taught to them in text books. Moreover, teachers were excited to see the active participation of students and thanked Tata Power-DDL for the organisation of the webinar. This was the second series of webinar, as first round of engagement with 600 students was done in January 2020 with students of standard Vth to VIIth.

Tata Power-DDL, in consultation with GECO Global, intends to engage students in further initiatives based on the learning imparted. Students will be invited to share their personal sustainability initiatives via small videos, images and drawings with messages pertaining to Energy Conservation, Global Warming and fighting Climate Change. These students will be certified as Energy Warriors and will support Tata Power-DDL in future community engagement initiatives under the IElectrix Project.