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Kick-off of the implementation phase of the German demonstration

Friedland, Germany

The starting signal has been given: The battery storage with (MV/LV) transformer substation was delivered, connected and ceremonially put into operation on 24/09/2020, to great media response.


Participants of the event were, besides the board members of E.DIS AG and WEMAG, also representatives of E.ON Innovation and representatives of the state government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In the last few months, all the work and the entire organization concentrated on the "Go live", the battery storage.

This first mobile storage system of IElectrix is located in Friedland in Western Pomerania. Friedland is proud to participate in the EU research project, that will allow to develop locally European solutions. It is indeed a very special location, it takes on a pioneering role for Europe, as the European part of RES is already a reality. In this area there is approximately twice as much renewable energy generated as it is consumed. E.ON's Chief Operating Officer - Networks Thomas König says: "After the planning phase, we are now starting implementation and bringing IElectrix's first mobile energy storage solution to the grid. This is our response to the rapid transformation of the energy system towards ever more decentralised generation. With our mobile storage, we can optimize network expansion, reduce the shutdown of renewable energy plants and feed in more locally generated green energy quickly and cost-effectively."

Mobile storage is a solution helping make the grid fit for the energy transition and the feed-in of numerous decentralized generation plants. Still, several years can pass to plan and implement grid expansion. Mobile storage ensures that as much green electricity as possible is fed into the grid already today and helps to bridge the gap until necessary grid expansion is complete, especially in rural regions with a high proportion of renewable energy.

Commissioning a second IElectrix storage solution is also imminent. In fall this year, E.ON will connect another mobile storage facility to the distribution grid in Hungary. In addition to storage solutions, the project managers plan to develop energy communities, where active energy management systems and intelligent household appliances, such as smart water heaters or heat pumps, can be used in combination with intelligent metering systems.