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Moew.e: What is the IP-tool and what can it do?


CIRCE, the Spanish research institute and IElectrix project partner, is developing an IP-tool for Moew.e demonstration.

This tool can calculate investment postponement for network reinforcement measures depending on the curative impact of the battery on the network. To be more specific, the tool will consider the impact of the battery on the avoided network congestion and the increase in renewables hosting capacity in MV network.

Depending on this, the tool can compare the replacement measures in network expansion and calculate the amount of investment postponement.

At the same time, the tool can examine the mobility of the battery or the sensitivity of the battery location. To do this, the battery will be simulated in different network hotspots (locations with larger amount of congestion) and its curative effect is investigated.

The following graphic shows, which information is provided by E.DIS to develop the tool and what are the outcomes of the simulations.