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Progress on the DLC subproject in the Hungarian demonstration site


The Hungarian demonstration (HELGA) has two locations each with similar direct load control related subprojects. Their main purpose is to improve customer comfort and consist of three phases. The 1st and the 2nd phase had been implemented by the end of 2020. The 3rd phase will have been finished until the end of April 2021.

In the 1st phase the already existing, selected and controlled consumers have been devided into new control groups, which were created for the IElectrix project. We also added a new control table optimized for the medium voltage line. We were able to execute these tasks with a high percentage at the involved customers. In some cases the old type of devices had to be replaced. The ratio of the successfully executed tasks among the selected consumers was 95 % in case of Zánka and 97 % in case of Dúzs.

In the 2nd phase beside reprogramming the long wave radio control system recievers for the selected customers, both controlled and daily consumption meters were replaced by smart meters. Owing to the new meters it will be possible to analyze consumer habits. By analyzing those, a more optimal control panel can be created which will benefit both the network operator and the consumer. We have been collecting data in quarter-hour breakdown from the installed meters since 1st January 2021. The ratio of the successfully executed tasks among the selected consumers in Phase 2 was 95 % in case of Zánka and 92 % in case of Dúzs.

In the 3rd phase we were able to control via a magnetic switch with a Smart meter equipped on the controlled circuit instead of the obsolate control devices (switchclock, ripple control reciever). Similar to Phase 2 the traditional consumption meters were replaced with Smart meters. In the concept, the controlled consumers can be operated with the help of a programmed tariff table inserted into the smart meter. This tariff table will be optimized and updated at regular intervals using a module, which is currently in design phase. Until the module is ready, the tariff table can be updated manually via Measurement Center. So any consumer complaints can be dealt quickly. Since this phase is in progress, we haven’t had the final ratio of successfully executed tasks. We may declare it however, that 66 % of the selected consumers are alread involved in case of Zánka and 79 % in case of Dúzs.